FRESNO FORWARD is a local news aggregator for Fresno, California and the greater Central Valley that was launched on June 22, 2011. The website is aesthetically modeled after the Drudge Report, although its editorial process is obviously different. FRESNO FORWARD is primarily in existence as a free gift for the enlightenment and entertainment of the community. We monitor nearly a thousand sources every day, sift out the garbage, then present our readership with the crème de la crème of local High Weirdness. (Or, at least we try to.) If you want a daily local news source that directs you to thought provoking information, look nowhere else.


FRESNO FORWARD was also an underground TV show that was broadcast through CentralValleyTalk.com on KSDI MEGA 33.1 in Fresno, California from 8/22/2011 to 11/14/2011. Each one hour show would have one segment of news followed by two or three guests. Some of the shows are archived on our YouTube channel.


FRESNO FORWARD also enjoys having fun, like when we offered to organize a wrestling match with Fresno County Sheriff Margaret Mims for charity.